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“Trading In” Your Airplane –An Often Overlooked Option

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While trading in an automobile is a common transaction, many airplane owners don’t often consider the possibility of an airplane trade.

This could be because most brokers don’t have the economies of scale to effectively manage two simultaneous transactions, usually on different aircraft types.

An airplane trade can be a great option if your company outgrown the size or mission profile of your current aircraft?

Has your company outgrown the size or mission profile of your current aircraft? Consider trading it in!

DJI has the economies of scale to make an aircraft trade a simple, convenient and efficient option that meets your transportation needs and suits your financial situation.

Even in the case of complex trades, where an owner trades a significantly older aircraft for a newer one, a smaller aircraft for a larger one, or vice versa; we can provide the range of services seamlessly.

Dallas Jet International (DJI) specializes in the purchase and sale of all of the following:

  • Factory new aircraft (line positions)
  • Pre-owned aircraft as old as mid-1980s models that need work to bring them to market condition.
  • Large-cabin aircraft as large as the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Gulfstream G450, G550, G650, and Bombardier Challenger 604/605 and Globals.
  • Small and Mid-size jets such as the Learjet, Some Cessna Citations, Dassault  Falcon’s , Embraer Legacy and Phenom, and Hawker’s
  • Turbo-prop aircraft such as the Beechcraft King Air

Aircraft owners from around the world value DJI’s unique ability to buy their airplanes for resale inventory, saving owners the delay of retail marketing. In over 90% of instances, upon receipt of all specification / maintenance reports on a given airplane, DJI provides an offer within 48 hours to buy that aircraft, subject to normal transactional guidelines.

DJI is what is known as a “stocking dealer.”  We are one of the largest bidders / buyers of aircraft in the industry.

We also have significant leverage with the aircraft manufacturers (OEMs) because of our position as a stocking dealer. We have access to factory new aircraft, trade-ins and other aircraft. As an example, when Bombardier takes a Gulfstream 450 in trade, they call us for an inventory bid.

We have an extensive network of maintenance and repair facilities that can replace an engine, detail and refurbish the interior, upgrade avionics and exterior paint – whatever is needed to bring the aircraft to a competitive market position more cost-effectively than many owners can do themselves, resulting in a significant savings of cost and effort.

Example of an Airplane Trade

An example of this – a financial institution owned a Gulfstream IVSP that needed 2.5 million worth of upgrades within the next in 5-6 months.  The corporation followed the very common practice of having one account for buying and selling aircraft and another account for repair and maintenance, and a tax situation that required that one account cannot reimburse the other.   They were not in a position to pay for the work. DJI was able to take this aircraft in trade immediately, taking the aircraft off the books quickly to meet a financial deadline.

In turn, this beautiful Gulfstream IVSP may be perfect for a client trading in a Gulfstream 200 that has a growing company and needs to upgrade to a larger aircraft.

There are many instances where trade airplane makes sense for everyone.


Brad Harris

As founder of Dallas Jet International, Mr. Harris has established an esteemed 23-year aviation career.  He holds of Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aviation and Airway Science and and a Masters Degree in Industrial Organization Psychology from Louisiana Tech University.   Mr. Harris entered the aviation industry in 1992 as a corporate pilot for a Fortune 500 corporation and soon started a successful aircraft leasing and renting company.

In 1993, Mr. Harris began his aircraft sales career and became one of the most highly respected aircraft brokers in the world. In 2002, Dallas Jet International began offering aircraft sales, consulting, and brokerage services. Mr. Harris is a current airline transport pilot who is type-­rated in ten (10) different jet aircraft including the Gulfstream 550, 450, 350, GV, GIV, GIII, GII, Hawker, Falcon, Citation, Beechjet, Lockheed JetStar II, Diamond Jet and King Air 300 / 350. Mr. Harris parlays extensive hands-­on knowledge and experience into clear results for his clientele. His firm has set up flight departments, consisting of aircraft crewing, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance and aircraft operating budgets, for several clients. Mr. Harris also possesses significant entrepreneurial experience in real estate and commercial insurance. This knowledge, combined with unparalleled experience in all facets of corporate aviation, is the foundation of success for Dallas Jet International. He often speaks to groups of aviation professionals, publishes monthly blog articles and sits on the Advisory Board for GE Capital Corporate Aircraft and Finance, and CAE Simulflite. He currently sits on the board of Directors at NARA (National Aircraft Resale Association) as President.

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