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The Reincarnation of a Fleet Business Jet

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We frequently mention that our relationships create unique opportunities for our clients.  The opportunity to acquire aircraft that are not officially “on the market” is one of those advantages.  This quick story of the reincarnation of a fleet business jet from a well-known jet company that became a treasured and highly customized private jet is an example of how that advantage can work for our clients.

We regularly purchase well-maintained, professionally flown aircraft from fleets such as NetJets for our clients.

NetJets prides itself on having a very large and very young charter fleet.

The current average age of charter aircraft in the U.S. is over 15 years, more than double the average age of the NetJets fleet. NetJets is taking delivery of hundreds of new NetJets Signature SeriesTM aircraft entering the fleet in the coming years. The deliveries span every cabin class and will enable NetJets to have the youngest fleet in the sky.

A fleet business jet by Netjets can become an excellent personal aircraft

While these are often high-time aircraft, the aircraft sale price reflects that. This creates a unique opportunity for private owners to purchase “more plane” with their money.

The charter fleet décor is designed to be discreet and neutral. For our clients that want their aircraft to be a mobile office or apartment that reflects their branding and personality, we can arrange for interior, exterior and engine overhauls that create a very custom and beautiful airplane that meets a client’s specifications perfectly.

DJI’s relationships with NetJets, our import and export expertise (to acquire aircraft from any location in the world) and relationships with great companies that perform maintenance, paint, interior and avionic modifications and engine manufactures give us the depth and experience we need to make this a seamless and transparent process for our client.  Most of our clients that purchase a Netjet aircraft will perform new paint, interior and engine overhauls.  Many of our partners, including NetJets, are fellow NARA (National Aircraft Resale Association) members.  Our clients, therefore, receive more options and value than they would without our network of resources.

Repeat business is the best indicator of success.  We have completed this process for several clients over the years, and we’re working with one client again to acquire another “custom NetJets” airplane.

This opportunity is best for a person or business that has cash available to purchase and customize an aircraft.

Give us a call today at 817-520-4009 and let’s talk about your situation.

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