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Anatomy of an Aircraft Sale


Anatomy of an Aircraft SaleDownload the ebook –  Anatomy of an Aircraft Sale


  • What are the twelve major steps in the sales process? (Page 2)
  • Why is due diligence important? (Page 3)
  • How important is professional photography? (Page 4)
  • What is the most critical stage in the process? (Page 5)
  • What factors go into setting an appropriate price? (Page 5)
  • Why should your representative be on-site for every inspection? (Page 6)
  • What are the documents you should check for on delivery? (Page 7)
  • What should be included in a post-closing critique? (Page 7)
  • What difference does it make if your broker is type-rated in the aircraft you’re selling? (Page 8.)



4 Responses

  1. […] will do.  Brad Harris and Shawn Dinning of Dallas Jet International published a free ebook on the Anatomy of an Aircraft Sale to educate clients about the rather complex process of selling an […]

  2. Hi Brad,
    I look forward to receiving your book.

    Thank you,


  3. Dear Sir,

    I am looking to purchase private/executive aircraft for private use and commercial jet airliners for commercial purposes.

    All the aircraft must be in good commercial shape (i.e., ready to make money),and must be ready for immediate use after purchase. I can only make this transaction with you in a very secret and confidential manner due to my position as a former regional minister and member of parliament, MP here in my country, Republic Of Ghana; And for this reason of confidentiality, I have engaged the services of a trusted broker to act for me and report to me of every stage of the transaction because my name must not appear or be mentioned in this transaction at all.

    Therefore, upon response from you I will connect you with my broker here to liaise with you since you are not present here in my country. I have already hand-over to him the specifications of the aircraft, budgets and conditions and he will make these details available to you because I trusted him and i will like him to represent my full interest in this purchase.

    Thank you and accept my kindest regards as I hope to hear from you in a very short while.

    Accordingly, this purchase must be very confidential and secrete because of my position in the government of my country.

    Expecting your reply soon.


  4. Dear Sir
    It will be highly appreciated to accept a download a copy of the Anatomy of Aircraft sale, I’m from Cairo, Egypt. acting Commercial Director for Royal Air a newly established charter airline company, looking to purchase two units Boeing B 737 – 400 YOM 1999 with a good remaining engine cycles working region will be Middle East & Euro

    Thanks and best regards
    Mahmoud Osama

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