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Now Is a Good Time To Buy or Sell your Airplane Through Dallas Jet International

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Now is a great time to buy or sell your airplane through Dallas Jet International.  If you’ve been keeping an aircraft in storage or have been waiting for the economy to improve before you trade up or trade down, give us a call and let’s discuss your situation.

In an article at the end of March, we noted the market is definitely improving for large-cabin, newer aircraft.

We’re seeing improvement in aircraft sales, as evidenced by the number of transactions we’re completing at DJI. Improvement has been particularly dramatic in the first quarter of this year, especially since the first two quarters of each year are traditionally slower – there is generally a push of transactions in the last quarter of each year.

As a result, we’ve nearly sold out of our inventory.

We’ve sold twelve aircraft in the past six months, which involves quite a bit of travel, research, paperwork and fact-checking.  As a result of all that hard work, we’re now in a great position to start working with new clients and help them with their aircraft needs.

We now have more time available to spend building relationships. If it’s your first time selling an aircraft, we can walk through the process with you, spend the time  it takes to make sure you’re comfortable with every stage of the process. We look at every aircraft transaction with a new customer as the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

The people that we buy and sell airplanes for today are the very same people that call us months or years later to make another aircraft transaction, because they know that DJI provides straight answers and excellent service and results.

Call us today at (817) 328-2900 and let’s talk about your situation.

Here’s the list of aircraft we’ve sold in the last six months. This may also give you an idea of the types of airplanes that we have experience with buying and selling.

  • Challenger 601-5048
  • Citation Mustang 510-0088
  • Citation Encore 560-0695
  • Citation XLS+ 560-6032
  • Citation V 560-0064
  • Gulfstream IV-1104
  • Citation CJ 525-0300
  • King Air B200 BB-1956
  • GIVSP-1310
  • King Air 350, FL-441
  • King Air C90B-1455
  • Citation IST

Now is a great time to sell your airplane through Dallas Jet International!